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Payroll without borders: expanding Global Payroll

October 10, 2023
Jonathan Goldsmith


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Whether you’re a time-pressed startup exec or a busy HR manager, you should trust your payroll process to do two things: 

  • ensure your business is compliant

  • make sure your employees are paid correctly, on time, every time. 

The reality for so many businesses is that payroll is tough. 

Inaccurate processing, poor user experiences, and — as businesses scale internationally — complex local requirements mean companies spend too much time figuring out how to manage payroll. Instead of troubleshooting these problems, leaders should be focused on building their business. 

This year, we began rolling out Remote Global Payroll to help solve this problem for global organizations. Now, international employers have the confidence to run multi-country payroll with our comprehensive platform, backed by the deep expertise of Remote’s in-house payroll team. 

And today, we're expanding to support compliant payroll processing in top countries across the world, with dozens more planned for 2024. We won’t rest in our pursuit to help employers streamline how they pay their employees. You can rely on Remote knowing that accuracy, speed, and compliance are built into every stage of the payroll process. 

Consolidating multi-country payroll is simple

Without the right support, businesses that run international payroll have to face hurdles at every step. Every country comes with its own unique regulations, taxation obligations, reporting requirements, statutory deductions for social security and other benefits — and much more. Navigating these challenges and maintaining global compliance is a monumental task for an internal HR department.

Companies with distributed global teams often find themselves engaging a patchwork of local payroll providers for each country — but this quickly leads to inconsistent processes, siloed data, and spiraling costs. 

Engaging a multi-country payroll software provider isn’t a simple solution. As businesses expand, inefficiencies escalate and many businesses are pushed into hiring multiple internal payroll specialists just to manage the increasing mix of complex regulations and local considerations. 

Remote Global Payroll is purpose-built to power international hiring at scale.

We don’t just want to settle for helping you streamline how you run payroll today – we’re building a product to sustain cost-effective growth as you expand internationally. 

How Remote Global Payroll works in 7 simple steps

  1. Your employees use Remote to log time-off, expenses, and incentives

  2. You use Remote to approve changes and payroll inputs

  3. After your chosen cut-off date, the payroll run will be calculated automatically 

  4. You review the payroll run, make any changes, and click to approve

  5. You'll receive final numbers, payment information, and reports 

  6. Your employees receive payslips in their Remote account

  7. You can hand off admin and focus on strategy while Remote handles your tax, government, and labor agency reporting

Making international payroll easy to unlock global tech talent 

As of today, you can use Remote to consolidate global payroll across the top countries for tech talent around the world, including:

When you use Remote Global Payroll, you don’t just get access to our simple, integrated payroll platform; you get on-hand support and expertise from our in-house, local payroll teams. We’re here to guide you through the complexities of setting up, administering, and evolving your payroll process. 

Integrated HR, payroll, and global employment 

On average, companies use over 16 different HR tools to run their teams… unless you use Remote. 

Modern distributed businesses need tools and support that are global by default. With our Global HR Platform, we’re unlocking a unified, global-first approach to HR, for every business in every location.

Now you can scale your global team with efficiency and compliance at every stage of the employment lifecycle. Remote becomes your single source of truth for worldwide HR and people operations, meaning you can ditch the multiple providers you’re currently using and save yourself a sizable chunk of time and money.

In addition to Global Payroll, you can use Remote to:

  • Manage all employees from onboarding to offboarding, and everything in between — with talent management, time and attendance, expenses, and more with Remote HRIS

  • Hire, manage, and pay employees in countries where you don’t have a legal entity with Remote Employer of Record

  • Pay and manage international and domestic contractors with automated invoicing, localized contracts, and easy payments with Remote Contractor Management

  • Integrate and build customized global HR workflows into your preferred tools with the Remote API 

Save time and banish stress with Remote Global Payroll 

If you’re running payroll for multiple countries today, you could consolidate payroll, streamline your process, and ensure compliance — without adding more providers or additional headcount to your team.  Find out about Remote Global Payroll and speak with our team today to get started.

Trust G2’s multi-country payroll leader to pay your global team

Reduce costs, manage taxes, administer benefits, and stay globally compliant when you consolidate payroll with Remote.

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